OB Estimated Due Date (EDD) based on LMP: July 8, 2010Birthday:  June 26, 2010

Pregnancy: I found out I was pregnant in November of 2009. After being really sensitive to smells, throwing up twice, and other symptoms, we realized what was going on. I was about one month along when we found out.  A wonderful friend offered us pregnancy classes. We really enjoyed them, and are now believers in “The Bradley Method.” I started eating better, exercising, and cutting out things like caffeine, wine, and sugar. I ended up losing my sweet tooth for most of the pregnancy, so it wasn’t too difficult to cut out sugar. I never had any “pregnancy cravings”, and am almost convinced they’re a myth started by some woman who wanted the freedom to eat whatever she wanted at any hour of the day. I discovered my sciatic nerve one day when I stood still for too long, and found I was barely able to move because of the pain in my back. Thankfully that went away after I gave birth.   Much to the chagrin of our grandparents, and several other relatives, we decided on a homebirth at my parent’s house. We figured childbirth is a natural process, so why go to the doctor? They’re for sick people. I did go for one doctor visit, but being there felt so wrong, and oppressed both of our spirits, so we never went back.  During the course of my pregnancy, I gained 40 pounds (crazy right?). The week before our son was born (I was about 38 weeks pregnant), Mark found out he had a chance to get some good overtime the coming Friday, so he started talking to my tummy and telling our child that it couldn’t be born until the weekend, because we needed the overtime pay. Well, Friday came, and I was at my parent’s house swimming, and I decided to try to see if I could induce labor. So I walked/swam around the pool around 50 or 60 times. It worked. My water broke a few hours later, right after Mark got off of work. We were so excited. We drove back to our apartment to get our labor bag and other things we needed, and realized we had some movies we had rented that were due that night. So we went to return those. By the time we got back to my parent’s house, I was having fairly regular contractions.

Labor: After calling some people, we decided to try to get some sleep. Mark slept great…I didn’t sleep a bit, since the contractions were already too strong. Around 6, I woke Mark up to rub my back, because I couldn’t take it by myself anymore. From that point on, my wonderful husband rubbed my back almost constantly for the next 10 hours. We called the people we planned on having there while I was laboring. Trusting in Yahweh, we didn’t have a midwife, or anyone with any medical training, just ladies who knew how to have babies. We had some amazing friends in the living room playing instruments, and singing praises to Yahweh, for hours and hours. They were so encouraging. And my dad sat right in the hallway outside the door and prayed throughout my labor. I labored for a total of 21 hours, and could not have done any of it without my husband being right there by my side. We alternated between walking around the room, just standing, sitting in a chair, sitting on an exercise ball, showering, and laying down to rest, with Mark holding my whole weight up every time a contraction hit. Finally, I started having the need to push. Well, I never actually made a conscious decision to push, my body just decided it was time, and started pushing without consulting me. I had no say in the matter. I pushed a few times and then got a break as I hit a plateau. After a little more walking, I went to the bathroom and crowned. We had considered doing a water birth, but hadn’t decided, but the decision was made for us, since I wasn’t able to walk anymore with a baby crowning. So I got in the tub, and after two more pushes, I had my beautiful son. (I’m almost crying as I was writing that part).

Canon: He came out screaming! He was a wonderful healthy pink. As soon as his nose and throat were cleared out, he started to nurse. I can’t describe my amazement and pleasure that he caught on right away. His reflexes were wonderful as well: he grabbed my finger and peed on me just a few minutes after he was born. The only other time I’ve ever been so happy was on my wedding day.   Mark clamped and cut his cord, and thanked me for giving him a son.

Afterwards: So many people commented on how brave I was for trying such a thing, and I’ve been asked so many times if I was scared, or if there was a point where I wanted to go to the hospital. No. Never. I knew Who formed that baby in my womb, and knew that He was able to see us safely through this natural process. I’ve also been asked if I ever wanted medication, or how I did it without any. Mark rubbing my back proved to be an effective pain reliever. My labor was still hard, and intense, but not more than I could bear. The knowledge that I was doing what was best for my child by not filling him with drugs was enough to keep me from even being tempted to take anything. The thought never even crossed my mind.